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    What is a burial vault and why would I need one?

    A burial vault is an outer burial receptacle. This means the casket is sealed inside the burial vault. The burial vault protects the casket from exterior forces that occur in a cemetery such as heavy equipment above ground, excavating equipment in adjacent grave spaces, and resists the intrusion of water. Burial vaults are generally made from high-strength reinforced concrete or some type of metal.

    What options do I have?

    There is not just one style, size, or appearance of burial vault. Burial vault choices range from the style of vault, the material it’s made with, to customizable appearance options. A variety of color choices are available to compliment the choice of casket. Other options include emblems and vinyl decals with scenery and memorabilia affixed to the vault.

    What is the NCBVA?

    NCBVA stands for The National Concrete Burial Vault Association. The NCBVA is an organization that promotes the use of concrete burial vaults and also has a certification program that NCBVA members must pass to ensure a quality product. Patriot Vault and Precast has been an NCBVA member since 2005.

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